Baby Room - 3 months to 15 months of age
Staff are friendly, supportive and sensitive to new families' needs, helping both parents/carers and children into a new environment. Babies are given a warm, homely, stimulating environment in which they feel happy and secure. Each baby's individual needs and routines are catered for.

Babies are stimulated in painting, music, water play, singing and lots of one to one attention and babies are also encouraged to explore the different environments outside in our exciting garden, weather permitting.
Tweenie Room -  15 months to 2 years of age
At this stage, children have grown out of morning sleeps and are ready for more stimulating activities to keep their busy minds and bodies active. There is an extensive range of sand, water, painting, clay, sticking, story time, action songs, nursery rhymes and daily outdoor play in our exciting garden, to encourage sharing, taking turns, promoting independent learning, social skills and personal development, essential for all Tweenies.

The extra-curricular activities including PE lessons and Music & Dance. After a busy morning they have time to rest to rejuvenate their busy bodies for the busy afternoon ahead!
Toddler Room - 2 to 3 years of age
We encourage our Toddlers to be more independent and confident in their own abilities, developing their social skills and table manners. The day is structured, but flexible, meeting the individual needs of our Toddlers. Indoor and outdoor experiences are planned offering a wide variety of opportunities, encouraging children to socialise with others and experience small groups, as well as exploring and investigating activities alone or with a supportive member of staff.

Physical development needs are met with our wide range of extra-curricular activities that include PE lessons and Music & Dance that the children really enjoy! ICT forms a key part of the activities enjoyed by the children, developing their ICT skills. Some of our Toddlers may need a lunchtime sleep after their busy morning to get ready for their exciting afternoon head!
Pre–school - 3 to 5 years of age
This room is colourful and bright environment providing the inspiration for all creative and imaginative little learners. Children are ready for more structured areas of learning including writing, maths, arts & crafts, science, construction, small world, role play and book-corner. All children learn through a combination of activities, play and first hand experiences.

Our children have an exciting opportunity to learn and experience a wide range of activities in a rich environment in the colourful garden. We regularly use our outside classroom to extend the children's understanding and knowledge of the outside environment, such as growing our own vegetables and hunting for mini-beasts! Our children access to a wide range of extra-curricular including Pyjama Drama, PE lessons, Music & Dance and Relax Kids.

Risley Day Nursery is a quality led child day care nursery school serving the Risley, Birchwood and Warrington area. We provide a safe, secure, stimulating and educational setting for children aged 3 months to 5 years.